Wisconsin Custom Built Homes

Why Choose Custom Built Homes

Building your dream home should not be stressful. It should be an exciting experience. All you should need to worry about is “what is my vision for my new home?” From your vision, we can create your dream home and take care of everything to make your dream a reality.

Wisconsin Homes offers over 100 standard floor plans to inspire you. Every floor plan can be customized to fit your needs or you can create your own plan. Wisconsin Homes also custom builds cabinets. From entertainment centers to gun cabinets - anything you want - no “industry standards”.

Wisconsin Homes are the same, if not better quality as stick-built homes. Each home is precision built and designed to the top level of building codes. Built inside a self-contained, environmentally controlled facility, your home is never exposed to weather elements. All materials are hand inspected to the highest quality standard. With experts in every phase of the construction industry on hand, your home is built with quality their top priority. There is even a third party inspection to insure top quality.

One of the most impressive reasons to choose a Custom Built Home is unlike stick-built homes, which typically take 3-6 months to complete, from the time you order your Wisconsin Home, it can be set and ready for you to move in within 4-10 weeks.

Standard Construction Specifications

  1. 2 x 10 Floor Joists (16" O.C.)
  2. Double Rim Joists (All Around Perimeter)
  3. Triple Rim Joists (Along Front & Rear For Homes 56' Long Or Longer)
  4. 2 x 10 Solid Bridging Between Floor Joists
  5. 3-2 x 10 At Center Of Each Module (Ranches)
  6. Joist Hangers At Center Beam
  7. 1/2" O.S.B. (Oriented Strand Board) Bottom Layer Of Double Floor System (Glued & Nailed)
  8. 5/8" Underlayment Plywood Top Layer Of Double Floor System (Glued & Nailed)
  9. 2 x 6 Exterior Walls (16" O.C.)
  10. 2 x 4 Interior Walls (Wider As Required)
  11. 7/16" O.S.B. Exterior Sheathing (Glued & Stapled)
  12. 1/2" O.S.B. (32/16 Rated Panels) Between Sections On Center Walls
  13. "Tyvek" House Wrap (Wind Barrier)
  14. Double-4 Vinyl Siding
  15. R19 Fiberglass Insulation (Between Exterior Wall Studs)
  16. 1/2" Foil-Backed Drywall (Vapor Barrier) On Exterior Walls (Glued & Screwed)
  17. 1/2" Moisture Resistant Drywall In Tub & Shower Areas (Glued & Screwed)
  18. 1/2" Drywall On Interior Walls (Glued & Screwed)
  19. 5/8" Drywall On Ceilings (Glued & Screwed)
  20. Vapor Barrier Spray & Sand Textured Spray On Ceilings (2 Coat Process)
  21. 49 Lb./Sq. Ft. Live Load Roof Truss With 6" Heel (24" O.C.). Throughout Most Of Michigan, 81 Lb./Sq. Ft. Live Load Roof Truss
  22. Air Baffle Between Each Truss. To The Peak if Parallel Chord
  23. R50 Blown Cellulose Insulation In Ceiling Of Ranches And Two-Story Homes. R38 Batt Insulation (Lofts And Telmarks)
  24. 1/2" O.S.B. Roof Sheathing (5/8" In Michigan) With Roof Clips
  25. 2 Rows Of Winter-Guard Roof Underlayment ("Ice-Damming" Protection) On Roof Sheathing
  26. #15 Felt Paper (On Remainder Of Roof Sheathing)
  27. 240 Lb. Fiberglass Dimensional Shingles (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  28. Rolled Roof Vent At The Peak
  29. Aluminum Roof Edge
  30. Fully Vented Pre-Finished Aluminum Soffit
  31. 2 x 6 Fascia Board Covered With 6" Pre-finished, Wood-Grained Aluminum Fascia
  32. Solid Oak Door & Window Casing (On Clad Windows)
  33. Solid Oak Baseboard Moulding

Standard Room Features And Specifications

Standard Room Features And Specifications


  1. Cabinets With Solid Oak Stiles & Solid Oak Door Frames With A Solid Oak Raised Panel
  2. Lazy Susan In Base Corner Cabinets Where Possible
  3. Drywall Soffit Above Wall Cabinets (8' Sidewall-Flat Ceiling), Cove Molding (9 ' or 1 0' Sidewall-Flat Ceiling)
  4. Pre-Formed Laminate Counter Top
  5. 30" Range Hood Vented When Possible
  6. 8" Deep Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
  7. Single Lever Faucet With Sprayer
  8. GFI Protected Receptacles Above Counter Top
  9. 110V Receptacles For On-Site Gas Range
  10. Tilt-Out Sink Trays (Where Available)
  11. Cutlery Tray Insert
  12. Spice Tray Insert
  13. Built-In Cutting Board
  14. Concealed Door Hinges
  15. 36" Wide x 72" High Refrigerator Space


  1. One -Piece Fiberglass Tubs And/Or Showers
  2. Anti-Scald Tub & Shower Faucets
  3. Water Saver Toilets (1.6 Gallon Flush)
  4. Vanity Cabinets With Solid Oak Stiles & Solid Oak Door Frames With A Solid Oak Raised Panel
  5. Pre-Formed Laminate Counter Tops
  6. China Drop-In Sink
  7. Solid Oak Medicine Cabinet
  8. Light / Vent Fan
  9. Single Lever Faucets
  10. GFI Receptacle By Sink
  11. Deluxe Chrome Towel Bar & Paper Holder
  12. Mechanical Trip-Waste On Tub & Sink

Utility Room

Standard Room Features And Specifications
  1. Plumbing For Washer
  2. 220V For Electric Dryer Or 110V For Gas Dryer


  1. Bi-Fold Closet Doors With Trimmed Openings
  2. Fire Escape Sized Window (Egress Window)

Living Room

  1. Solid Oak Spindle Railing For Open Stairways (Where Standard)
  2. 2 Switched Receptacles For Table/Floor Lamps


  1. 200 Amp 40/40 Service Panel
  2. 2 Exterior GFI Receptacles
  3. Nickel Lighting Package
  4. Exterior Lights By Exterior Doors & Patio Doors
  5. White Switches, Receptacles & Cover Plates
  6. 12 Gauge Copper Wire Sized According To Specific Circuits
  7. Smoke Detectors In Bedrooms, 1 Or 2 Near Bedrooms & 1 In The Basement Hard Wired On One Circuit


  1. 3/4" & 1/2" Type "L" Copper, Hot & Cold Water Supply Lines
  2. PVC Plastic D.W.V. Plumbing
  3. Shut-Off Valves Where Possible


  1. Finished Drywall Throughout
  2. Pre-Finished Interior Doors